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Independent College Dublin: Assignment Help

Assignment Planning Resources

Throughout your time at Independent College you will complete a variety of assignments. Some important points about these assignments are listed below:

Assignments are designed by colleges and training centres to assess your knowledge, skills, and abilities, and keep track of your progress on your course. You will always receive feedback based on your assignments which will also indicate how well you're doing on your course and how you can improve.  

Starting an assignment, especially for example if you have never done an essay or literature review, can feel intimidating. It is important not to feel overwhelmed as there are many practical steps you can take to better approach assignment completion at university. The library also directs students to useful resources. 

An assignment can be made far more manageable with good planning. One trustworthy approach is to break down any assignment or project into smaller more achievable and or doable sections. 

Consult the following resource on how to plan a project

Academic writing skills: How to Master Academic Writing 

Before you submit your assignment, think about the following (credit to ETBI - FET Digital Library):

  • Have you read and understood the assessment brief?
  • Have you answered the question set in the assignment?
  • Have you kept to the word count? (10% +/-)
  • Have you demonstrated that you can write critically and academically?
  • Have you supported your arguments using appropriate sources?.
  • Have you checked that the referencing in your assignment is in line with your course requirements?
  • Have you checked that all in-text citations are included in your reference list?
  • Have you checked that all ideas taken from other sources have been quoted, summarised or paraphrased?
  • Have you proofread your work and used a spelling and grammar checker?
  • Have you made sure your font style & size, line spacing, margins, and other formatting meet the presentation criteria

After you submit, think about:

  • What went well during the assignment? 
  • What didn't go well? 
  • Is there anything that you would do differently next time?
  • Write down your reflections and look at them before you start your next assignment